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 <columns 70% r 25% l 75%> <columns 70% r 25% l 75%>
 [[https://​​book/​978-0-7503-1218-9|{{book_cover.png?​143}}]]<​newcolumn>​ [[https://​​book/​978-0-7503-1218-9|{{book_cover.png?​143}}]]<​newcolumn>​
-{{potthast_zdf1.png?360}} </​columns>​ +{{roland2018_3.png?360}} </​columns>​ 
-<​sup>​Recent Book "​Inverse Modeling"​ ... Roland in German TV News "​heute",​ 7pm, August 23, 2018 +<​sup>​Recent Book "​Inverse Modeling"​ ... Roland ​at International Symposium on Data Assimilation (ISDA) ​in Munich ​2018
 </​sup>​ </​sup>​
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 ===== Group ===== ===== Group =====
-My group consists of more than 35 researchers on data assimilation and inverse problems in Frankfurt/​Offenbach and   +My group consists of approximately ​35-45 researchers on data assimilation and inverse problems ​ 
-Reading (UK) with further PhD studentships in partnerships, see [[group]]. ​+in Frankfurt/​Offenbach and Reading (UK), see [[group]]. ​
 [[group|{{group001.jpg?​200}}]] [[group|{{group002.jpg?​200}}]] [[group|{{group003.jpg?​200}}]] [[group|{{group001.jpg?​200}}]] [[group|{{group002.jpg?​200}}]] [[group|{{group003.jpg?​200}}]]
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