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Roland Potthast Short CV


Current Positions:

Director and Professor (DirProf) at DWD/BMVI, Germany, and
Full Professor for Applied Mathematics, University of Reading, UK

Some Stations of my Vita:

Frankfurt/Offenbach and Reading (UK): Research and Operational Centre

  since 2012 Director and Professor (DirProf) at DWD/BMVI  
  (Federal Ministery for Transport and digital Infrastructure, until 2014 named BMVBS)
  2011 - 2012 Government Director (Regierungsdirektor RDir) at DWD/BMVBS
  2010 - 2011 Senior Government Official (Oberregierungsrat ORR) at DWD/BMVBS
  since 2010 Head of Division "Data Assimilation", German Meteorological Service 
  (Deutscher Wetterdienst DWD), BMVBS Federal Ministry of of Transport, Building and 
  Urban Development, Offenbach, Germany.

Reading (UK) and Rennes (France): Research and Development

  since 2010 Full Professor for Applied Mathematics, University of Reading, UK
  2010 Offer of a W3 Professorship in Munich, Germany
  2009 Visiting Professor at Research Center Jülich, Germany.
  2008 - 2010 Reader (Assoc. Prof.), University of Reading, United Kingdom
  2007 - 2009 Visiting Professor, Universite de Rennes, France
  2006 - 2008 Lecturer (Assist. Prof., tenured), University of Reading, UK 

Göttingen: Young Researchers Group, Professorship and Company

  2004 - 2010 Apl. Professor in Mathematics, University of Göttingen
  2005 - 2012 SIRO Technologies GbR, Göttingen, Director and Partner
  2004 - 2007 TomoScience GbR, Wolfsburg, Partner
  2001 - 2006 Leader of a Young Researchers Group, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Göttingen, Germany

Cologne and London: Research and Industrial Work

  2000 - 2001 Research Fellow Brunel University, United Kingdom
  2000 - 2001 Professional Trainer on Networking Technology for SIEMENS, Munich/Berlin
  1999 - 2000 Research and Development, Orgalogic GmbH, Cologne

Göttingen and Delaware: PhD, Postdoc, Habilitation

  1999 Habilitation in Mathematics, University of Göttingen
  1997 - 1999 Habilitation Grant DFG University of Delaware, USA and University of Göttingen, Germany
  1995 - 1996 Post-Doc University of Delaware, USA
  1993 - 1994 PhD in Mathematics, University of Göttingen, Germany
  1986 - 1993 Study of Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy Göttingen, Germany
  1974 - 1986 Elementary School and Gymnasium in Soest
  1967 Born in Soest, Westfalia, Germany

Selection of Awards/Grants