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Research Group


Current group members

Our department on numerical weather prediction (NWP) has about 90 scientists in house. Our development is taking place in a network of partners at the Max-Planck-Institute (MPI-M), the German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Hans-Ertel-Centre (HErZ) funded by DWD in Munich, Bonn/Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin and the COSMO Consortium for Small Scale Modelling (Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece, Russia, Poland, Israel).

Our in-house scientists in Data Assimilation (state 02/2021) are listed in the following. Following data protection laws I have removed all personal information about group members from this website. Currently there are 37 members in my group, plus some phd students with main and co-supervision, one person is on parental leave.

Permanent Positions

  • P01: Head Data Assimilation, Algorithms, Ensemble DA, Particle Filters etc [RP]
  • P02: Operations+Algorithms for DA, HPC Expert, Covariances; Obs: Radio Occultations; Radiosondes [HA]
  • P03: Operations+Algorithms for DA, Obs: Radar [EB]
  • P04: Operations+Algorithms for DA, Obs: Radiances [SH]
  • P05: Operations+Data Monitoring & Impact, EDA, Bacy, Obs: AMV, Scatterometer, WIND DA [AC]

  • P06: Head KENDA, Obs-Operators LAM, Ensemble-DA [CS]
  • P07: Operations+Algorithms KENDA, BACY [HR]
  • P08: Radar Data Assimilation KENDA (LHN, Volume) [KS]
  • P09: Head SINFONY, Radar Operator and Assimilation, NWC+NWV Integration [UB]
  • P10: Satellite DA for Local Area Models, Boundary Layer DA [AS]
  • P11: General Coordinator Satellite DA, Radiance Assimilation IR/MW/VIS {50%} [CKW]
  • P12: Technical Coordinator Sat DA, Radiance Assimilation IR/MW/VIS [RF]
  • P13: VIS Operator, Adjoint Operators, Interchannel Corr, IR/MW DA [OS]
  • P14: Surface Fields DA, SST, Snow, Ice, Soil Moisture Ass SMA [ML]
  • P15: {MetBW Position} Satellite IR/MW/VIS [LB]
  • P16: Satellite DA, Radiances IR/MW [MB]
  • P17: Satellite DA, Radiances IR/MW [AW] (PhD Student No 16)
  • P18: Satellite DA for Surface Fields, SST, Snow, Ice, Soil Moisture Ass SMA [GG]
  • P19: Support Activities and Secretarial Work [DE]

Temporary Positions and PhD Students (Principle Supervisor)

  • T01: {50%} PC Scores Satellite Radiances [SM] Core Funding 2017-2020, [2015-17]
  • T02: Lightning DA [LN] IAFE Sinfony 08/2017-2021
  • T03: Development of Ensemble Reanalysis System [TR] HErZ 2016-2019
  • T04: Data Assimilation RADAR Refl+Objects [CW] IAFE Sinfony 2017-2021
  • T05: SEVIRI IR Data Assimilation in KENDA [AH] IAFE KENDA-IR 2015-2019
  • T06: mFund Flottenwetterkarte, Car Data [ZP] BMVI 10/2017-08/2020
  • T07: mFund Flottenwetterkarte, Ultra-Rapid DA [WA] BMVI 11/2017-08/2020
  • T08: IR/MW Radiances [MP] IAFE 2019-2020, [2015-17]
  • T09: Boundary Layer relevant Observations in KENDA [CSg] gridcast 2019-2021
  • T10: RTTOV Operator and NWP-SAF work [CSt] NWP-SAF 2018-2022
  • T11: MFASIS Operator Development, SEVIRI VIS Clouds + Aerosol [LS] IAFE 2019-2022
  • T12: Algorithmic Development Data Assimilation [TSt] Core Funding 2018-2021
  • T13: 3D-Volume RADAR Data Assimilation [KK] IVS Precipitation 2018-2022
  • T14: EnVar algorithmic development [MaBu] IVS Precipitation 2018-2022
  • T15: RealPEP Polarimetric RADAR Data Assimilation [KV] DFG Research Group 2019-2021
  • T16: Polarimetric RADAR Operator [JM] DFG PROM 2019-2021
  • T17: Rapid Update Cycle [SU] IAFE SINFONY 2018-2020
  • S1: PhD Student No 14, Reading, Ensemble DA with Radiances [JO] UoR/Uni Wisconsin 2015-2019
  • S2: PhD Student No 17, Reading DA model reconstruction [BO] UoR/GOV 2015-2019
  • S3: PhD Student No 15, Reading, DA for Neural Delay Equations [JA] UoR/GOV 2014-2019

Sinfony = “Seamless INtegrated FOrecastiNg sYstem”, a system bringing nowcasting and numerical weather prediction into a uniform framework.
IAFE = Innovation in Applied Research and Development Programme
SFP = Special Research Programme
BMVI = Ministery for Transport and Digital Infrastructure
GOV = Government Funding
UoR = University of Reading
DFG = German Science Foundation

PhD Students Co-Supervisor

  • S4: PhD Karlsruhe, DA for ART Models, [LM] Co-Supervisor, 2018-2020, with Prof. Christoph Kottmeier, Dr. Bernhard Vogel
  • S5: PhD Karlsruhe, DA for ART Models, [VB] Co-Supervisor, 2017-2020, with Prof. Christoph Kottmeier, Dr. Bernhard Vogel
  • S6: PhD Imperial College/University of Reading, [OL] Co-Supervision, 2016-2019, with Prof. Dan Crisan and Prof. Peter-Jan van Leeuwen
  • S7: PhD Karlsruhe, Life Cycle Predictions for NWC Co-Supervisor, 2017-2019, with Prof. Michael Kunz, Dr. Uli Blahak, Dr. Kathrin Wapler

Upcoming Positions

Permanent Positions to come:

none currently

Temporary Positions:

Postdoc (3 Years, DFG) in 7/2019 (Supervision AS)
Research Position (4 Years, IAFE) (SINFONY Team)

DFG = Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)
IAFE = Innovation in Applied Research and Development Programme

Collaborative Positions within DWD and at Partner Institutes

These people work directly on data assimilation for our system in coordination with our core staff members.

 * HErZ Project Uni Frankfurt, Land Surface Temperature Assimilation [CS] 
 * IAFE Position on Reanalysis Development, jointly with Climate Monitoring at DWD, from 7/2019

HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich


The HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation at LMU Munich is carrying out research in intense collaboration with the DWD Division on Data Assimilation, we jointly develop the KENDA ensemble data assimilation system and work on a range of observation operators and projects.

 T01: HErZ Head LMU Munich, Remote Sensing Data in KENDA [MW]
 T02: HErZ Head DWD at LMU, LETKF for Nonlinear Problems [TJP]
      Model Error, Radar DA in KENDA, Mode-S Data in KENDA, Localization, QPEns, parameter 
 T03: HErZ Operator and Assimilation for RTTOV NIR/VIS [LS] 
 T04: HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Sat Data Ass [SG] MetPV Net
 T05: HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Predictability + Radar Data Assimilation [KB]
 T06: HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Aeolus [AM]
 T07: HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Observation Impact [TN]
 T08: DFG: LMU Munich, QPEns, Radar DA in KENDA [YZ]
 T09: DFG: QPEns, parameter estimation in KENDA, boundary layer, LMU Munich [YR]
 T10: HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Aeolus Evaluation [AG]
 T11: Waves2Weather: Obs Impact Dynamics Perspective [MS]
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