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Research Group

Jan 2017: Meetings DWD Data Assimilation Group with our partners from the HErZ Center on Data Assimilation from LMU Munich.

Some notes on current research activities: [ research_notes ].

Current group members

Senior Scientists, Postdocs, Junior Scientists and PhD students (state Oct 2016)

Permanent Positions:

  Dr. Harald Anlauf (Radio Occultations, HPC, Covariances, ICON-DA, BACY)
  Bitzer, Heinz-Werner (MetBW, Radiance Assimilation)
  Blahak, Uli (Radar Data Assimilation and IVS, starting Nov 1, 2016)
  Alexander Creß (Data Monitoring, AMV, Scatterometer, WIND DA, ICON EDA)
  Dr. Robin Faulwetter (Technical Coordinator Satellite Data Assimilation, Radiances Assimilation)
  Dr. Christina Köpken-Watts (Leader Satellite Data Assimilation, Radiances Assimilation)
  Dr. Martin Lange (Soil Moisture Analysis, Sea Surface Temperature, Snow etc.)    
  Gerhard Paul (Deputy Head Data Assimilation, Surface DA, Operational Monitoring)
  Prof. Dr. Roland Potthast (Head Data Assimilation, Algorithms for DA, Ensemble DA, Particle Filters etc.)
  Dr. Hendrik Reich (Algorithms KENDA, COSMO BACY)
  Dr. Andreas Rhodin (Chief Software Scientist Data Assimilation, Algorithms for DA)
  Dr. Christoph Schraff (Leading KENDA, Ensemble DA, Operational High-Resolution DA)
  Dr. Klaus Stephan (Radar Data Assimilation, GPS/GNSS Data in DA)
  Dr. Olaf Stiller (Radiances Assimilation)
  Daniel Egerer (Support Activities and Secretarial Work)

Temporary Positions:

  Silke May (50%), 4/2015 - 10/2015, Assimilation of Satellite Radiances     Core Funding 2015-2018    
  Dr. Michael Bender, DWD, GPS/GNSS Assimilation/Tomography                  SFP/IAFE 2012-2018
  Ana Fernandez del Rio, Satellite Radiance Operator                         NWP-SAF 2017-2022     
  Aamir Nadeem, PhD Student, Göttingen, Inverse Fluid Dynamics and DA        DAAD/Gov 2013-2017
  Jehan Alswaihli, PhD Student, Reading, DA for Neural Delay Equations GOV   2014-2017
  Babatunde Odunuga, PhD student, Reading DA with huge model uncertainty     GOV  2015-2018
  Marc Pondrom, Eumetsat Fellowship                                          EUMETSAT 2017-2018   
  Dr. Stefan Declair, Data Assimilation for Renewable Energy                 EWELINE 2013-2017
  Jason Otkin, PhD Student, Reading, Ensemble DA with Radiances              UoR/Uni Wisconsin 2015-2018
  Priv-Doz. Dr. Axel Hutt  (SEVIRI Data Assimilation)                        IAFE KENDA-IR 2015-2019
  Anne Walter (Infrared Radiances)                                           IAFE ICON-SAT-IR 2 2015-2019
  Dr. Elisabeth Bauernschubert (KENDA Data Assimilation)                     IAFE IVS 2015-2019
  Kristin Raykova (Satellite Data Assimilation)                              IAFE ICON-SAT-IR 1 2016-2020
  Dr. Stefanie Holborn (Satellite Data Assimilation)                         IAFE ICON-SAT-MW 2 2016-2018
  Dr. Thomas Rösch (Reanalysis)                                              HErZ 2016-2019
  Liselotte Bach, Data Assimilation of SEVIRI                                IAFE IVS 2017-2021
  Christian Welzbacher, Data Assimilation Algorithmic Development            IAFE IVS 2017-2021
  NN, Data Assimilation of Lightning                                         IAFE IVS 2017-2021

Upcoming Positions:

  Permanent Positions to come:
  Renewal of Staff Position after retirement: 1 position in 2017
  Permanent Positions, under review: 
  EPS-SG: 3 permanent positions for satellite data assimilation
  Satellite DA for Surface Fields in NWP, 1 permanent position
  Research Projects:
  gridcast 2017-2021 (continuation project of EWELINE, Stefan Declair)

IVS = “Integriertes Vorhersage System”, a system bringing nowcasting and numerical weather prediction into a uniform framework.

Collaborative positions at partner institutes

These people work directly on data assimilation for our system in coordination with our core staff members.

 Oana Lang, Imperial College/University of Reading, Co-Supervision of PhD on Data Assimilation
 Frederick Kurzrock (La Reunion, Satellite Data Assimilation with KENDA), 
       Sylvain Cross/Reuniwatt Paris, Co-Supervision of PhD on Data Assimilation
 BMVI RADAR: NN, KIT Karlsruhe (Radar Assimilation with KENDA, Integrated Forecasting System)
 HErZ Bonn /Uerra: NN, University of Bonn (Reanalysis)
 Sylvain Roberts (ETH Zürich, Particle Filter for KENDA) - Prof. Hans-Rüdi Künsch
 Annika Schomburg, HErZ Project Leader, Uni Frankfurt, Germany
 Walter Acevedo, Uni Potsdam, Particle Filters in NWP

HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich


The HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation at LMU Munich is carrying out research in intense collaboration with the DWD Division on Data Assimilation, we jointly develop the KENDA ensemble data assimilation system and work on a range of observation operators and projects.

HErZ Head LMU Munich, Martin Weissmann (Remote Sensing Data in KENDA)
HErZ Head DWD at LMU, Tijana Janjic-Pfander (LETKF for Nonlinear Problems, 
   Model Error, Radar DA in KENDA, Mode-S Data in KENDA, Localization, QPEns, parameter 
HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Leonhard Scheck 

HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Matthias Sommer 
   (Model Error,Observation Impact)
HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Tobias Necker, PhD Student, (Observation Impact)
DFG: Yuefei Zeng , LMU Munich (QPEns, Radar DA in KENDA)

DFG: Yvonne Ruckstuhl, PhD Student, LMU Munich 
   (QPEns, parameter estimation in KENDA, boundary layer)

Former Partners / Completed Projects

SFP RADAR: Theresa Bick, University of Bonn, RADAR Rapid Update Cycle in KENDA, 2nd Supervisor of PhD
BMVI COSMO-MUC-KENDA: Heiner Lange, PhD Student, LMU Munich 
   (Mode-S Data in KENDA, rapid updates, balances, Radar DA)
HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Kathrin Folger, PhD Student, 
   (AMV Height Correction)
   estimation, boundary layer)
HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Michael Würsch 
   (Radar DA, particle filters, simple convective scale models)
HErZ Centre for Data Assimilation LMU Munich, Florian Harnisch (SEVIRI DA KENDA)
BMVI LIDAR: Armin Geisinger, Uni Hohenheim (Lidar Forward Operator for COSMO-ART/KENDA)

Former Group Members, Post Docs and PhD Students

  Dr. Dora Föhring, Eumetsat Fellowship, EUMETSAT Fellowship 2014-2016   
  Dr. Annika Schomburg, EWELINE 2013-2015, (Photovoltaic DA, + SEVIRI IR Data Assimilation)      
  Africa Perianez, PhD Student & SFP 2012-2014, EnKF with Seviri Data, Regional Model, also PhD at Reading
  Dr. Rory Gray, SFP 2012-2014, IR Sounder Ensemble Data Assimilation    
  Dr. Eric Lange, SFP 2012-2014, Ensemble Assmilation for IR Sounder with Clouds, Global Model    
  Dr. Jaison Ambadan, SFP 2012-13 (Ensemble Filters and IR Data Assimilation)
  Erdem Altuntac, Researcher, DWD/Göttingen 2012-2014 (GPS Tomography)    
  Natalie Lowery, PhD Student, Reading 2009-13 (Discrimination Methods on Ill-Posed Problems)
  Alexander Moodey, PhD Student, Reading 2009-13 (Stability of Data Assimilation Methods) 
  Dr. Richard Müller (DWD 2013, Data Assimilation for Renewable Energy)
  Ndifreke Udosen, PhD Student, Reading (2008-2012) (EIT/Meta-Inverse Problems/Targeted Observations)
  Andreas Messer (DWD 2012, Microwave Sounder Data Assimilation)
  Dr. Agnes Hoffmann (DWD 2012, Fog Data Assimilation)
  Mashrab Kuvatov (DWD 2010-11, Microwave Data Assimilation)
  Dr. Detlef Pingel (DWD 2010-2011, Infrared Data Assimilation)
  Quazi Muhammad Zaigham Zia (PhD Student 2007-2011, Flow Reconstructions)
  Karolin Eichler (DWD 2010-11, Data Assimilation)    
  Dr. Jan Keller (DWD 2010-11, Ensemble Prediction Methods)
  Ronny Leinweber (DWD 2010, Humidity)
  Chris Prigle (PostDoc 2010)
  Boris Marx (PhD 2007-2010, Postdoc 2011, Magnetic Tomography and Data Assimilation)
  Dimitris Pinotsis (PostDoc 2009, Neural Field Theory)
  Corinna Burkard (PhD 2007-2010, Acoustic and Electromagnetic Inverse Problems)
  Martin Wannert (PhD 2006-2009, Magnetic Tomography)
  Harald Heese (PostDoc 2006, NFG, Differentiability)
  Eric Heinemeyer (PhD 2004-2007, PostDoc 2007-8, Graduate School, Magnetic Tomography)
  Fabrice Delbary (PostDoc 2006, BMBF, Electromagnetic Inverse Problems)    
  Jochen Schulz (PhD 2001-2007, Acoustic and Electromagnetic Inverse Problems)
  Fahmi ben Hassen (PostDoc 2004-2005, NFG, Splitting Procedure and Elm. Inverse Problems)
  Klaus Erhard (PhD 2002-2005, NFG, Point Source Method for Acoustic and Elm. Inverse Problems)
  Russell Luke (PostDoc 2001-2003, NFG, No Response Test, Point Source Method etc)
  Lars Kühn (PhD 2001-2005, NFG, Magnetic Tomography)
  Kuo-Ming Lee (PhD 2003, Kress first supervisor), NFG

NFG = Nachwuchs-Forscher Gruppe (Young Researchers Group)

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