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Some other work which is ongoing or pausing

  • R. J. Keane, H. Reich , C. H. Schraff , M. Buchhold R.W.E. Potthast: Generating initial conditions for COSMO-DE-EPS using KENDA, system is now pre-operational.
  • Africa Periánez, Jason Otkin, Annika Schomburg, Robin Faulwetter, Hendrik Reich, Christoph Schraff, and Roland Potthast: Infrared brightness temperature assimilation in an ensemble Kalman filter with a cloud-dependent bias correction scheme.
  • Africa Perianez, Hendrik Reich, Roland Potthast: Finite-Element Type Error Analysis for Ensemble Methods in Data Assimilation,
  • Marx, B. and Potthast, R.: Data Assimilation Algorithms for Dynamic Magnetic Tomography and Parameter Reconstruction,
  • Roland W.E. Potthast, Alexander J.F. Moodey, Amos S. Lawless, Peter Jan van Leeuwen: On Error Dynamics and Instability in Data Assimilation,
  • Udosen N. and Potthast, R: A Framework for Solving Meta Inverse Problems.
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